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Here at Avonbourne Academies and across the United Learning Trust, we value the importance of an education for everyone, irrespective of their background. The underpinning philosophy of Direct Instruction is that all children can learn, and it is the responsibility of educators to make sure this happens without blame or prejudice on the student. Our mission is to ensure that by the end of Year 8, all children are working at their age expected levels and can access a full inclusive curriculum.

Therefore, using comprehensive placement testing to identify students who arrive in Key Stage 3 below the age expected levels, these students will follow the structured Direct Instruction programme. Consequently, delivering the Direct Instruction programmes to the identified students will in turn accelerate their learning to reach our targets and allow the students to flourish in the later stages of their education and beyond. 


Direct Instruction is a teaching method extensively tested and proven to turn all students into confident learners. Siegfried Engelmann, creator of Direct Instruction believed, and has proved that correctly applied DI can improve academic performance as well as behaviour. 

The Direct Instruction method is based on two core principles

1. All students can learn when taught correctly, regardless of past history and background. 

2. All teachers can be successful, given effective teaching materials and presentation techniques. Every aspect of a Direct Instruction programme is designed, tested, and proven to fulfil these essential principles.​ 

Lessons are: 

• Explicit, with purposeful instruction designed to develop skilled and confident learners. 

• Intensive, allowing teachers to cover more than a year’s worth of material in a single year. 

• Consistent, allowing students to focus on the material they are learning. 

• Interactive, with quick pacing and group responses that keep all students engaged to tackle new challenges. 

Meet the team

Kevin Surrey Director of Direct Instruction for United Learning (Maths) and Teacher of Mathematics

Rod Clayton Teacher of Direct Instruction (Maths) and Teacher of Mathematics.

Suzy Wybrow Director of Direct Instruction for United Learning (English) and Teacher of English and Media.

Jane Halle Teacher of Direct Instruction (English) and Teacher of English and MFL.

Direct Instruction Training

Here at the Direct Instruction Hub based at Avonbourne Academies, we provide first class training to staff in schools wishing to implement the Direct Instruction programmes. We also offer a range of support packages, so staff are always able to receive further quality assurance on all aspects of Direct Instruction they have implemented.  

We can tailor training to fit your requirements in terms of content, depending on the length of time you require the coach to deliver the implementation sessions to your staff. Both the Maths and English programme set up, take approximately the same amount of time. We will support you through every step of implementation as well as offer post training support.  

​Our experienced coaches have had comprehensive coaching from the National Institute of Direct Instruction (NIFDI). We work closely with Kurt Engelmann and the NIFDI team in the United States in ensuring that what we deliver in the UK is of the highest quality and we are up to date with the latest practices. 

Initial Consultation 

We offer a free 30-minutes telephone / web call in the first instance. 

Lesson Observations 

We always welcome schools for visits to see Direct Instruction in action at no expense. 



Phone             01202 398451 ext. 2151 

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