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A “knowledge organiser sets out the important, useful and powerful knowledge on a topic on a single page,” (Joe Kirby). Knowledge Organisers | Joe Kirby (

​“The Knowledge Organiser is the beating heart of each unit, with the core content meticulously curated and itemised to clarify the necessary (but not sufficient) knowledge to develop a sophisticated schema for each unit of work,” (Jon Hutchinson). Beyond Knowledge Organisers; building the best curriculum in the world. | Pedfed (

“A Knowledge Organiser is a one-page document which presents curated, essential, organised knowledge with clarity. Knowledge is presented in a format which facilitates retrieval practice, elaboration and organisation, in order to develop a schema,” (Bradford Research School). Knowledge Organisers: Setting out a… | Bradford Research School

At Avonbourne Academies, we use research-informed evidence to plan our curriculum so that students retain powerful knowledge in their long-term memories to build a deep understanding of key concepts and ideas.

The best way to do this according to the research is to provide all students with a Knowledge Organiser for all their subject areas. In our Academies, a Knowledge Organiser is one to two sides of A4 listing the non-negotiable facts that students must master to develop a richer understanding of each unit of work.

Knowledge Organisers are given to students at the beginning of every half term so that they are armed with the most powerful knowledge to enable their success in all their subject areas. Although the facts are not all they need, they are certainly the foundations of what students require to progress in each subject area.

Knowledge Organisers are primarily a revision tool. Students can use their Knowledge Organisers at home to self-quiz (1105) Self Quizzing - YouTube . This is a method of revision that involves students recalling key words, dates and definitions from memory – it is not a copying exercise. The more students try to recall information using their long-term memories, the stronger the memories become and the easier it is to recall the key facts. With this ease comes success in lessons and in assessments.

Students at Avonbourne Academies are advised to use self-quizzing in the lead up to any exam period, but teachers will also use students’ Knowledge Organisers to write their Do Nows (the first ten questions that students answer at the start of every lesson,) therefore it puts our students in good stead to be revising from their Knowledge Organisers throughout the academic year.

Finally, on this page, you will find an electronic copy of all the Knowledge Organisers that our students need for all their subject areas organised by academic year and by term. Students also have a printed copy of their own Knowledge Organisers, and this is part of their daily equipment checks. If your son/daughter loses their Knowledge Organiser, they need to let their tutor know so that they can be given a replacement as soon as possible in order to pass daily equipment checks.

If you have any questions about the creation or use of Knowledge Organisers at Avonbourne Academies, then please email Brianna Fairbank at the following address:

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